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Split Audio in iMovie

I have seen the question a lot about how to lower the audio level of just one part of a music track in iMovie. Let’s say you…

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23 comments on “Split Audio in iMovie

  1. Hi,

    I’m using iMovie 09. I added a song to my video and I am trying to cut some parts of the song. I’m selecting the audio and then split clip but it does nothing.
    So I ended the song in the part I wanted to split it and I imported the same song to keep the last part which I want. However I can’t cut the beginning of the song for some reason. Is there any way to do that??


  2. Hey, I’m using iMovie 11. I have some audio, which has been detached. The problem is, when I split it, the whole clip goes silent. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Donny,

      That is strange… I’m not sure why it would be doing that. Are you able to raise the volume back up when you open it in the inspector tab or are you not able to do anything with it afterwards?

      The iMovie Guy

  3. Great video. I hope you can help me.
    I’m using iMovie 11. I want to insert a still photo (static media, no sound) into a video clip of a band playing music. But the music from the original video clip ceases to be heard, at the point the timeline reaches the still photo. Silence during the space taken by the still photo. Then music starts again after it has passed the still photo. Can I make the music in the original video continue to be heard as it passes over the still photo ?

    I would be grateful if you could let me know how to do this. Thanks, Frank

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Frank,

      Yeah, you should be able to do that no problem. What you need to do is detach the audio from the video clip. As soon as you do that you will be able to slide the music how you want to. What’s probably happening, is when you are adding the photo, it’s cutting the audio clip where you are adding the video clip. Right-click on the video clip and select detach audio, then you should be able to do what you want with it. Does that help?

      The iMovie Guy

  4. Emily on said:

    I’m using iMovie 11 and am also trying to split an audio clip. The audio clip I am using is in the background and is green. When i have the yellow box around it the split clip option dissappears?
    Is there anything I can do?



    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Emily,

      What you have is a background audio track that you can’t split. You can only trim a clip like that. If you want to be able to split the audio track, you need to add it to your project as a clip audio track. Click and drag the audio and drop it on top of your video clip in your project timeline. It will then appear as a bar underneath the video clip. You can then select it and split the audio track. Does that make sense?

      The iMovie Guy

  5. Melinda on said:

    PS I’m using iMovie 11.

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Melinda,

      You need to go into your iMovie preferences then and make sure that your advanced settings are turned on. You can go to iMovie – preferences and then you will see a check box to turn on advanced settings. I hope that helps.

      The iMovie Guy

  6. Melinda on said:


    So I can get right-clicking to allow me to split the VIDEO clip, but when I right-click on the audio (the overlayed music track I want to selectively adjust), there is no splitting option that appears. Any ideas why it’s working for video but not for audio?

    Melinda McKee

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Melinda,

      Are you using iMovie 9? If so, make sure that your advanced settings are turned on in your preferences. Does that make sense?

      The iMovie Guy

    • Susan on said:

      Hi, probably too late but did you highlight the clip first (yellow outline)? I too was splitting my video clips until I clicked on the audio clip I wanted and made sure it was highlighted with the yellow outline, then right clicked (or two finger for Mac trackpad) to get Split Clip

  7. ps. for my inquiry below – it is audio clip added after – eg. not the actual video soundtrack but an additional layer

  8. I can highlight my audio clip but right click does not offer split clip to me, and Split clip is faded and not available in the “Clip” menu…. arghhh I need at it! any thoughts how to activate it? I even checked my mouse settings to ensure right click was activated. racking my brain… ideas? thanks

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Heidi,

      Do you know if your advanced settings in preferences are turned on? If not, you need to turn it on in order to use the split clip on an audio clip. Go to iMovie – preferences and see if advanced settings is turned on. Let me know.


      The iMovie Guy

  9. Dan Connolly on said:

    No but i have to go back to work.
    Can I pick up later?
    Why don’t they make this easy?
    Thanks for your help.

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Dave,

      Let me know when you are working on this project again. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

      The iMovie Guy

  10. Dan Connolly on said:

    Thanks for the help.
    It’s an audio clip of some music.

  11. Dan Connolly on said:

    I’m using iMovie 11
    Version 9.0.4

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Ok, my next question is what kind of audio clip you are trying to split. Is it a clip in the background or a clip underneath your video clip in the project timeline?

      The iMovie Guy

  12. Dan Connolly on said:

    This doesn’t work. I can’t split the audio and there is no option to do so when i right click.

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Dan,

      Do you know what version of iMovie you are using? You only have this option if you are using iMovie 11. I wish that you could do it in previous versions. It really makes things a lot easier.

      The iMovie Guy

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