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iMovie Stabilization

* This is a video tutorial. Scroll down to watch the video.

Let’s say for example that you film some footage and aren’t able to use a tripod. Your footage comes back a little bit shaky and you use iMovie to edit your videos but you want that footage to look smooth like everything else you have shot. Is there a way you can do that in iMovie?

There is a way you can do that and it’s called stabilization. If you only have a little bit of shake in your footage, the stabilization tool works great to smooth out your footage. If you have a lot of shake, it might not work so well but you can still give it a shot because you never know until you try.

This tutorial video will show how to use this iMovie stabilization option:

iMovie Stabilization Tutorial

Now that you know how to use the iMovie stabilization, you don’t have to worry as much about footage that is a little shaky.

Here is a quick recap of steps from the tutorial video:

1. Double-click on your footage in the project timeline to open it up in the inspector tab.

imovie stabilization

2. Make sure you’re in the clip section of the inspector and find the stabilization checkbox and click on it.

stabilization in imovie

3. Your clip will start analyzing and once it finishes, you just need to hit done and your clip will be stabilized.

Stabilize your footage in iMovie

Just like that you have fixed that shaky footage in iMovie!

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