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iMovie Sound Effects

How To Add iMovie Sound Effects

imovie sound effects

Whether it’s a scary movie or a comedy, a sound effect at the right time will make a video a lot more fun to watch. However, without a Foley artist and a microphone, how are you going to get these sound effects? iMovie sound effects is your answer.

iMovie comes with it’s own sound effects that you can use for any of your videos. It makes for a very easy way to use sound effects in your projects. If you’re wondering if it’s difficult to use them, it’s not. It’s just as easy as adding music. With just a simple click and drag, you can add all kinds of imovie sound effects to your project. This tutorial video will show you just how easy it is.

iMovie Sound Effects Video Tutorial

Now that you’ve watched this tutorial video, you should be ready to start adding sound effects to your videos. As you begin to listen to them all, you will learn when you can use them and how they can make your videos more entertaining.

Here are the steps to remember:

  • Click on the music note tab in the middle-right section of iMovie.
  • Click on iMovie sound effects or iLife sound effects to choose from them.
  • Click and drag a sound effect to either the open space in your project timeline or on top of your video clip.
  • Make any additional adjustments and edits to the sound effect.

Just like that you will be adding sound effects in no time. You can add as many as you want and you don’t even have to record them yourself. It’s that easy!

2 comments on “iMovie Sound Effects

  1. How do you make the background music softer?

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey Rebekah,

      How is this background music added to your timeline? Is it in the background of your clip or underneath your clip? There are one of two ways to do this. You can double-click on that background music to open it up in the inspector tab and then lower the music manually. That’s the way I normally do it. Or, you can turn on the ducking feature by double-clicking on the clip you want to be the loudest and open it in the inspector tab and click on the box next to ducking. By doing that, everything but that clip you selected will be softer. Does this all make sense?

      The iMovie Guy

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