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iMovie Slow Motion

Slow motion is an effect that makes time appear to have slowed down. It’s one of the many effects widely used in editing today. We see it in television, movies, sports, etc. Although there is more than one way to achieve this effect, we are going to focus on the easier way. This is done in post-production.

Let’s say you are editing some footage that you shot in iMovie but you didn’t shoot it so that it would play back in slow motion. What do you do now? Can you slow down footage in iMovie to play back in slow motion? You definitely can and it’s super easy.

This tutorial video will show you how to create slow motion in iMovie:

iMovie Slow Motion Video Tutorial

Now It Is Time To Go Out & Use iMovie Slow Motion!

Now that you know how to create slow motion in iMovie you can really start to get creative. Use it to make something more romantic or suspenseful. Use it during an explosion. There’s so many ways it can be used that it’s really up to your artistic imagination.

Here’s a recap of steps for creating the iMovie slow motion effect:

1. Double-click on the clip in your project timeline to open it up in the inspector tab.

iMovie Slow Motion

2. Find the speed control and either drag the slider to the left or manually input a number in the percentage box.

slow motion in imovie

3. If you want to just add slow motion to part of a video clip, split your clip and then double-click on just the split clip to open it up in the inspector tab to make the changes.


Just like that you can add the iMovie slow motion effect to your video!

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