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iMovie Ducking

* This is a video tutorial. Scroll down to watch the video.

There are so many different kinds of audio tracks that we can add to our videos. It could be a music track, an audio track or a sound effect. The problem comes when you want to quickly lower the audio of some of your tracks so that all your audio isn’t competing with each other. iMovie makes it really easy to do this. It’s called ducking, and can really come in handy.

Ducking is a feature in iMovie that allows you to reduce the audio level on all audio tracks that compete with another selected audio track. For example, if you have a sound effect that you want to be the loudest audio in a certain part of your video, you can use the ducking feature to achieve that. When you select that clip and turn on the ducking feature, the other audio tracks that are competing with that sound effect in just that part of your movie will be reduced. So whether the selected audio track is small or the same length as the other audio tracks, the iMovie ducking feature can be used.

This tutorial video will explain how to use the ducking feature in iMovie:

iMovie Ducking Video Tutorial

Now that you know how to use the ducking feature, it should make your editing a lot easier when you have multiple audio tracks in one project. You will be able to quickly mix your audio so that it sounds exactly how you want it. Finally, the audio that really needs to be heard during a part in your film will be.

Here’s a recap of how to use the ducking feature in iMovie:

1. Double-click on the audio track that you want to set as the loudest audio.

imovie ducking

2. Click on the audio tab in the inspector and select “ducking”

how to use ducking in imovie

3. Lower or raise the volume to the desired level.

ducking in imovie

Just like that you have used the iMovie ducking feature!

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