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iMovie Christmas Theme

* This is a video tutorial. Scroll down to watch the video.

I know it’s not Christmas time yet but with it being only 5 months away, it’s hard not to start talking about it. There are a lot of fun things to do around Christmas time and a lot of great memories. That being said, a lot of people like to turn those memories into a fun christmas themed video for everybody to enjoy. Is there an easy way to create a Christmas themed video if you only have something as simple as iMovie to edit with? That’s where iMovie 11’ comes in.

iMovie 11’ gives you the option to not only create themed projects with iMovie themes, but themed movie trailers as well. Inside the themed movie trailers you have a Holiday themed trailer that is perfect for that Christmas video you are trying to create. The great thing is that by converting the trailer to an actual project, you get all the freedom that you get with any other project you create in iMovie.

This tutorial video will quickly show you how you can create a Christmas themed video in iMovie:

iMovie Christmas Theme Video Tutorial

Now that you understand how to create an iMovie Christmas Theme in iMovie 11’ you can begin planning for that video you are wanting to make this Christmas.

Here are a few steps to remember from this tutorial video:

iMovie Christmas Theme Steps

1. When creating a new project, choose Holiday in the movie trailers section of themed projects.

imovie christmas theme

2. After creating the project, click on file and then choose convert to project.


3. Begin making any changes you want to your christmas themed video.


Just like that you have created that Christmas video that you always wanted!

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