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Add Music to iMovie

This is a video tutorial. * scroll down to watch the video.

It’s amazing how much adding music to a video changes the way it’s viewed. Most of the time a video seems slow, boring. When music is added, the video now becomes more exciting and fun to watch. It’s also a good way to add a different feel to a certain video as well. Whatever it might be, it’s a good thing to add to your videos you’re making at home.

A lot of new users to iMovie don’t know how to add music to their iMovie projects. Some of them don’t even know how to find the music. Luckily, iMovie makes it really easy to do this. You can choose to add music from your iTunes and/or Garageband. You also have two ways of adding music to your iMovie projects.

This quick tutorial will show how to add music to iMovie:

Add Music to iMovie Video Tutorial

Recap on Adding Music to iMovie

Now that you know how to add music to iMovie you can start adding more and more music tracks to each project that you create.

Here are the steps to remember when adding music:

1. Click on the music note inside iMovie to open up the music tab

Add Music to iMovie

2. Choose between iTunes or Garageband to select music tracks to add to your video


3. Add your music as a background music track or add it to a specific clip in your project timeline.



Just like that you have successfully added music in iMovie!

5 comments on “Add Music to iMovie

  1. I realize that iMovie ’11 is outdated according to Apple and they don’t support it any longer, but I’ve seen iMovie 10 demonstrated and don’t like the interface. At any rate, I’d like to get help finding music that may have lost the copyright status or are not copyright protected, so we can urilize the music on public sites withouy fear of infringement. I’ve done a google search for this, but haven’t found a lot of quality, or at least the type of instrumentals and/or vocals I’d consider using. Unfortunately, I don’t play an instrument or read music, so using Garageband isn’t a possibility. Do you have some good sites to recommend to a senior who prefers to avoid heavy rock? Thank you for your help, as well as your site, which I plan to share with my associates at the senior center!

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hi Linda,

      The best site that I can suggest that I really like because of the variety of music choices is I use that site all the time and I am able to find a lot of different choices.

      The iMovie Guy

      • Thank you for the referral to Firstcom, where they have terrific music for sale, but I’m not in business and don’t have the funds to purchase music for my hobby. The iMovie classes I teach at the senior center are volunteer work. Since I post projects on YouTube for my students to watch, the music must not have a copyright, as you know. Anyway, thanks again for the referral!

  2. William Dempsey on said:

    If you add music from your iTunes library and upload the video to youtube you will more than likely get in trouble with copyright laws. I speak from experience. So, where can you find good music as a free download?

    • theimovieguytheimovieguy on said:

      Hey William,

      You’re definitely correct about not uploading copyright music to youtube. There are websites if you google them that have free music to download. You can also in youtube when uploading your video use the audio swap feature of youtube to swap out the music with another song that youtube will provide for you but you do get to choose which song. Finally, there is a way to upload videos with copyright music but youtube will require you to explain that the video is not being used to make money and you did not create the music yourself. Let me know if you have any questions about that.

      The iMovie Guy

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