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What is iMovie?

Have you just purchased a mac or have you just been introduced to iMovie? If yes, you are most likely wondering what is iMovie? iMovie is an easy to use video editing software. Apple, the creator of iMovie, prides itself in creating an all in one place video editing software that is both for the casual video user and the professional cinematographer. iMovie has the ability to take your video from your camcorder, digital camera, or even iPhone and help you combine it into the video master piece that you wish.

iMovie Finalize Project

September 28, 2012

There are a lot of iMovie users new and old that want to know if it’s necessary to finalize your project in iMovie. The important thing however is to understand first why you might want to finalize your iMovie project. With that information, you can then decide for yourself if you would like to or not.


When you should think about finalizing a project in iMovie is basically when you can say that you are finished making any edits to your video and it’s complete and ready to output. That could be online like youtube or facebook. It could be for computer use or DVD. Whatever it might be, when you finalize a project, it prepares your project so that it can be used for any of those things.


You might be wondering why you need to finalize then if you have the option of doing any of those things without finalizing. To make a long story short, if you finalize a project, you are preparing the project so that it can quickly be used for any of those things. So basically, if you plan on using your video for all possible uses, it can be smart to finalize because you are rendering your video so that when it comes time to upload to the internet or output to DVD, your project has already been prepared for both of those options and you can quickly make it happen. As with most projects, the longer and better quality of the project, the longer it’s going to take to finalize.


If you’ve never finalized a project before and it sounds like it’s something you would like to do, here’s how to do it:

1. Click on file and then select “finalize project”.

imovie finalize project

2. You will see a progress bar appear as your project is being finalized.

Finalize Project in iMovie


When your project finishes finalizing you won’t be able to see any of those files that have been prepared. That’s ok though. Just know that as long as you don’t make any edits to that project. When you go to use that video however you want to, it will work. If you need to make any edits to your project, you are going to have to re-finalize once you’re finished. iMovie will even tell you that when you try to make an edit.

I hope that helps when it comes to making that choice if you should finalize your project or not.

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